Most important events

in Andalusia:
Wholy week  2/4/2023-9/4/2023
During this religious celebration in every town and village of Andalusia the streets will be full of processions with big Maria and Jesus statues which are carried on the shoulders of the people. From the midday until the early morning hours you will find the streets full of people following these processions. A unique experience.
in Sevilla:
Fair 23.04.2023-29.04.2023
in Jerez:
Moto championship 28.04.2023-30.04.2023
Fair 06.05.2023-13.05.2023
in Huelva
El Rocio:26.05.2023-29.05.2023
in Malaga:
Film festival 10.03.2023-19.03.2023
Fair : 12.08.2023-19.08.2023
in Granada:
Cruces 03.05.2021
Music and dance festival 21.06.2023-19.07.2023 
in Cordoba: 
Fair 20.05.2023-27.05.2023
Patios Cordoba 02.05.2023-14.05.2023

in Ronda:
Ronda Romantica  12.05.2023-14.05.2023
International guitar festival Ronda: 06.06.2023-10.06.2023
Fair: with the goyesca bullfight in honnor to the 1st bullfighter Pedro romero at the oldest spanish bullring: 28.08.2023-03.09.2023
in Nerja:
Music festival in the caves of Nerja: June & July 2023